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Earthquake Checklist


The recent earthquakes that occured in the Wellington region remind us that New Zealand is particularly vulnerable to seismic activity. 

While earthquakes cannot be predicted with any certainly, there are some steps that can be taken to help reduce injury, damage and financial loss resulting from such events.

To assist your commercial clients in understanding what they can do to prepare for an earthquake, NZI have developed the attached Earthquake Checklist.  It enables clients to pro-actively address key exposures and helps them protect their business from earthquake-related damage or loss.  Following these guidelines may also help them reduce the financial impact of  earthquake insurance excesses.

As earthquake damage is often associated with collapsed buildings, the checklist aims to educate clients that with an adequately designed or strengthened commercial building, the potential for other types of damage may be more significant than the risk of the building actually collapsing. Lessons from the Christchurch earthquake and other large overseas quakes indicate the following key exposures account for many earthquake losses: 

  • Water leakage from poorly braced sprinkler systems or old water pipes and fittings
  • Fires starting from leaking gas lines or old wiring causing arcing
  • Electrical supply failure
  • Direct shake damage to building non-structural systems and equipment
  • Contents or stock damage due to shifting, falling or toppling and/or collapse of racking. 
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Earthquake Checklist
The recent earthquakes that occured in the Wellington region remind us that New Zealand is particularly vulnerable to seismic activity. While earthquakes cannot...